Please browse through our Arcadia Mobile Park all season trailer park information below to answer some of your questions.

If you have further questions, please contact us at info@arcadiamobilepark.ca and we will reply within 24 hours.

We are located minutes away from beautiful South River, Ontario, on an all-access 4 season road near Highway 11, approximately 3 hours North of Toronto.
Yes, we are open 365 days a year. Our official opening date is June 1, 2019. All members will be able to move their trailers onto the lots as of that date (by scheduled appointment only).

Trailer Lot Rental Season
2019: June 1 to December 30
2020 onwards: January to December
Each Member lot is approximately 50 ft wide x 100 ft deep.
The Park is a total of 30 acres.
Please visit our FEES Page for all the available 2019 monthly and yearly passes.
Your monthly fee includes the following:
  • Rental of your individual lot
  • Utilities (weekly garbage, compost and recycling removal, rain water collection and purification and monthly sewer waste collection)
  • Maintenance (available during all 4 seasons including main road snow removal in the winter and regular landscaping to common areas of the park in all other Seasons)
  • 30 acres of common area shared amongst all Members
  • Each member is responsible for their own individually rented lot including snow removal, leaf removal, landscaping and general cleanliness of your lot. All common areas will be maintained by the owners.
    You are permitted to have 1 (one) of the following on your lot:
    Fifth wheel Trailer
    Tiny Home
    Shipping Container
    2 Vehicles (parking spots)
    *We have exceeded our permanent structure spaces (ex: modular homes). We are only accepting dwellings with wheels or easily removable structures.*
    Additionally, you can place (one) of the following on your lot:
    Outdoor furniture
    No we do not charge extra. You are permitted to park 2 cars on your lot. Extra parking will be made available for visitors at a future date (Phase 2).
    Phase 2 scheduled for 2020 will include further enhancement of the grounds including landscaping and visitor parking. Phase 2 will also include expansion of the grounds to facilitate more members/lots.
    Please be advised monthly fees will be increase for Phase 2 members.
    We encourage all members to install their own solar power so we are able to truly offer off-grid facilities. You can also install rain water collection systems on your own lot. A rain water collection system will be available on site to all Members. Potable water delivery will also be available at an additional cost.
    We will NOT be connected to the grid. All members can use alternative sources of power such as gas, propane, solar, electric, wind, for their lots.
    Yes dogs and cats are allowed, however must be on a leash especially in common areas.
    Monthly fees will not increase for Phase 1 members.
    All members are required to have their own insurance coverage for their trailer. A copy of the insurance slip must accompany your rental application.
    Arcadia Mobile Park will carry additional insurance coverage for the property.
    The annual fee can be payable by eTransfer, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or Paypal.
    A document of the General Park Rules and Regulations are in progress. We will try to keep rules and limitations to a minimum. Arcadia Mobile Park in within an Unorganized Township hence, no building permits are required. However there is no hunting allowed on the property and fire wood must be purchased on site.
    Within a 15 minute drive, you can find ample Fishing, Canoeing, a Golf Course, Dog-sledding, Supermarket and Restaurants, Post Office, Gas Station, Brewery, LCBO, Beer Store.
    In Arcadia Mobile Park, the activities included are Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Giant Chess, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, Trails, Archery, Childrens’ Area, Family Gathering and Picnic Area.
    We are in the process of building a program for Cancer Patients and Domestic Abuse Victims and their families to enjoy our Glamping and Camping facilities for FREE. Please stay tuned as we work out the details.