Online Banner Ads and Promotional Materials Onsite

  • Limited spots available. (Only one business per Category will be permitted to avoid direct competition.)
  • Categories may include: Camping, Glamping, Trailer Sales, Tiny Homes, Shipping Containers, Prepping, Bushcraft, Off-Grid, Gear & Equipment, Emergency provisions and related businesses.
  • First come, first serve.
  • An extremely cost-effective advertising method targeting a very specific, niche market
  • As our Membership base grows, you reap the rewards at no extra cost.
  • Online Banner ad:

  • Your banner ad will be included on our Sponsors page for 1 year linked directly to your website.
  • Banner must be 400 pixels wide x 300 pixels high.
  • Online, we have thousands of unique visitors browsing our site each month and growing with our 2019 Advertising Campaign.
  • Promotional Materials:

  • Your brochures, business cards, flyers, pamphlets are acceptable. (No limit on size).
  • Your promotional material placed directly in the customers hand, with no postage cost, or extra delivery charges.
  • Available on site all season
  • Onsite, we have thousands of visitors expected for our 2019 Season.
  • Target Market:

    The majority of our audience consist of Camping and Glamping Enthusiasts, Tiny Home Community Members, Off-Griders, Preppers, Wildlife & Outdoor Groups.

    Extremely Cost-effective:

    Only $25.00 per month (12 month fee of $300.00 + HST due upfront). Payable by eTransfer, Cheque, Credit Card, Cash

    Our Advertising Campaigns:

    We are featured and associated with the following organizations to grow our traffic:


    How to Get Started:

    Use the PayPal button below to purchase the package, or click here for other forms of payment.

    2019 Advertising Season ($300.00 + HST)

    Please email if you have further questions.